make it pop a Design Thinking Card game that also improves Creative Confidence
make it pop has 220 cards to help you brew the perfect brainstorm
make it pop brings design thinking to workshops and events
A design thinking card game that has over 1.5 million card combinations.

make it pop

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make it pop is a great creative exercise for workshops, an awesome tool for design-battles, essential for brainstorming sessions, an absolute hoot at a party and will thaw the awkwardness when used as an icebreaker.


How to play

1. Choose a black task card

2. Pick a red or white client card and

3. You've got yourself a creative challenge.

4. If you want to up the difficulty then just choose a blue dynamite card and you've got yourself an even bigger challenge.

It's that simple.


Grab a copy of make it pop to get your hands on 220 cards of pure creativity and fun!